Performance Development Programme

The Performance Development Program is made up of a series of modules to equip professionals with the latest insights and personal development tools, to make them better communicators, leaders and performers.

Program overview:

The Program is customisable by selecting relevant modules as appropriate.

All modules are designed to complement each other. The collection of modules aims to cover the complete process of developing communication and raising personal and team awareness and effectiveness.

Each module is built around a series of exercises, which are designed to help participants fill in the gaps in their individual personal development, so raising the bar and ensuring a consistent standard of leadership.

The program modules naturally advance both the personal and professional persona and career development for each participant.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is now being recognized as an essential skill.  Research today is showing that technical skills alone are not enough and companies that have employees with high EQ scores have been shown to perform better. 

Modules overview:

  1. Leadership, mentoring & coaching – developing your leadership style
  2. Leadership coaching skills for people development
  3. Personal branding – raise your personal profile
  4. Team branding – developing a common message
  5. Raising self-awareness using emotional intelligence & NLP
  6. Talent Dynamics® – individual and team profiling to maximize high performance teams
  7. Neuro-marketing – understanding the “buy button” in people’s brains
  8. Public speaking – presenting with passion, precision and persuasion