Business Development for Professional Fee Earners

What is the value in reinforcing and revisiting what you already know, as well as learning how to raise the bar in other business development areas?

Today, most senior professionals are expected to win new business. It sounds simple enough, and is more of a science than an art. However, most people find it difficult to open and close a sale.

What this is not: 

  • Psychology of sales
  • Killer questions
  • Never losing a sale

What this is:

It’s a methodology which will help you to appreciate that sales is a science and develop your own style.  By understanding the process you’ll become more focused and therefore more successful in growing your business.

The Business Development half-day workshop will cover:

  1. Identifying your market
  2. Understanding your routes to market
  3. Qualifying out
  4. Coffee, biscuits & questions 
  5. What’s the difference between a suspect and a prospect?
  6. What is a good meeting?
  7. Qualifying in
  8. Not “if only” – a “What Next” approach?
  9. Questions and open discussion

About Quidnunc

Quidnunc is a specialist business development and communications consultancy. We support our clients to achieve their goals: increasing revenue, maximising spend/fee per customer, business creation, expansion and diversification.

Quidnunc consultants provide insight, advice and support from experience, not from theory or off-the-shelf training aids.

The professional services sector used to concentrate mainly on delivering expertise to clients. Now there is a requirement for professionals to bring in new business and extend existing client relationships.

Most professionals have had no professional sales training.

Quidnunc understands the dilemma of serving existing clients while also trying to win new business. We have kept this in mind while developing the Help with Hindsight modules for business development and communications.