Quotient Balance® is the skillset of the future

Our behaviour is made up of: IQ, EQ and SQ

According to MENSA, IQ measures intelligence, by looking at our ability to process logic and reason. Intelligence, measured through grades and qualifications, has traditionally been part of recruitment and promotion.

Emotional Intelligence refers to our ability to recognise and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others.  This guides our thinking and behaviour. 

Think about this, remember a time when a colleague came out of a meeting looking troubled, would you have known to be more sensitive in how you interact with them? 

That’s being emotionally intelligent!

Social Intelligence refers to our ability to manage complex social situations. It’s a measure of our self-awareness and social awareness.  

Socially intelligent people know when to adjust their behaviour to suit the situation, what can be referred to as being a chameleon – consciously matching yourself to the social environment.