Client Services

Quidnunc has four pillars that supports its clients to achieve their goals in the following ways:

  • Advancing interpersonal skills
  • Quantitatively measuring behaviour change
  • Raising the personal brand of key people
  • Up-skilling key people on making sales happen

Quidnunc works with you to effect change and growth. This gives companies more tools to reach their commercial objectives and enables people to develop their relationship skills. The result: individuals and teams become more productive and organisations become even more profitable. 

The Quidnunc Programme is made up of a series of modules to provide professionals with the latest insights and personal development tools to make them better communicators, leaders and performers.

The collection of modules enables individuals to develop soft skills and raise their personal and team awareness.  This ensures both the individual and teams become more effective.

These modules naturally advance both the personal and professional persona and career development for each participant. 

The Leadership Behavioural Index measures behavioural changes across multiple areas when any type of leadership and management development programmes is implemented.

This quantitatively measures the extent to which the behaviours, which the organisation desires from its leaders, are present.  And how those behaviours improve as a result of implementation of leadership and management programmes.

This determines the ROI of your people development programmes and highlights for the individual where they need to focus effort.

This is neither an employee survey nor a 360-degree.  The focus is exclusively on leader behaviour; it takes very little time – only 10 mins, 3 times over a year and includes all direct reports.

This has a positive impact on wellbeing, people are more productive and this adds to the bottom line.  Research shows that this improves retention and saves costs.

Comms provides professional profiling to equip individuals with a distinct advantage in the marketplace, and positions them as thought leaders.

Supporting individuals to raise their personal profile in their business sector and/or internally in their company role.  Focusing on image, profile, voice and reach, to stand out in the crowd.

The Communications team ensures individuals have a consistent, coherent message, which is developed and then communicated via various channels including professional publications, press, social media, conferences, panel discussions and other relevant platforms.

The goal is for the individual and their message to be better heard.  To become a thought leader and as such be canvassed for their views by peers, stakeholders and other interested parties.

The Sales Process can be an issue for many companies particularly the lack of strategic up-selling and cross-selling of the many services they provide. 

Research shows that a lot of time, money and effort are spent over a protracted period on opportunities that have not been qualified to ensure the correct ROI is achieved.  

Our sales team give you an additional set of tools to manage and control your sales process.