Quidnunc Quiz - Appendix 1: The 20 Statements

Please score each question about how you currently see your organisation, then total your score.

Scoring, where: 1= Rarely, 2=Occasionally, 3=Regularly, 4=Always

  1. People in our organisation would say they love their jobs
  2. Our leaders support our staff in their career aspirations 
  3. Our leaders enable our employees to balance their work and personal lives 
  4. Our leaders support diversity in our recruitment
  5. Our leaders manage promotion opportunities fairly in terms of diversity
  6. Our leaders give employees a way to be heard at senior leadership level 
  7. Our leaders know how to give effective feedback 
  8. Our leaders can identify employees demonstrating signs of stress 
  9. Our organisation has procedures in place to support mental health
  10. Our employees feel trusted by our leaders 
  11. Our leaders recognise employees who perform well 
  12. Our leaders are open and honest with our employees on difficult issues   
  13. Our leaders demonstrate our organisation’s Values 
  14. Our leaders recognise effort as well as achievement
  15. Our people can be themselves at work  
  16. Our leaders enable our employees to have a high level of autonomy in their work roles  
  17. Our leaders provide resources to help people be the best they can be 
  18. Our organisation offers a good range of wellbeing benefits  
  19. Employee engagement and wellbeing is regularly discussed at Board and  senior Executive levels 
  20. Our leaders understand the relationship between employee wellbeing and business performance