The Leadership Team

Daniel Rogoff - Managing Partner

Founder of Quidnunc. Daniel began his sales career with Xerox, where he completed their accredited Sales Training Program. He then worked with NCR, Computer Associates and then founded his first company at the age of 25. 

Daniel was one of the founders of what is now PayPoint plc, which has a market capitalisation of £690m.  He co-founded a similar business – Payshop S.A., Portugal. He was the managing director of two early-stage technology companies prior to founding Quidnunc.

Natalie Dee - Partner

Over the past 20 years Natalie has developed a coaching practice that serves global professional service firms and blue-chip companies. Her focus is on behaviour change for leaders within organisations in both the public and private sector.    

Natalie has a degree in social work from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. She also holds diplomas in psychotherapy, management and interpersonal communications. Natalie is certified as a High Performance Coach and an NLP Practitioner at Master level.

Amanda Bouch - Director of Programmes

Amanda specialises in helping leaders develop their authentic leadership style.  Following the motto, “Be the change you want to see in the world” - Amanda enables people to manage self effectively in order to build high-performing teams and create an engaging and empowering work culture.  

Amanda has over 21 years’ experience in management consulting working across industries and organisation sizes from professional firms to global brands.   She has also been serving clients as an Executive Coach since 2003.  This experience is backed by an MBA from Manchester Business School and Accreditation as a Professional Executive Coach, as well as ongoing CPD in coaching specialties.