Understanding IT Security in the Modern World

Keeping up with the fast-moving world of technology is a struggle for even the most technical of companies, let alone if it isn’t your core business. 

This seminar focuses on what you need to know in order to ensure that your company not only follows best practices but remains secure in the face of modern threats.

What this is about:

This seminar is a focused discussion of SMEs and cloud computing with a view to determine how to gain the most from modern technology. We’ll discuss who you need to secure against and how best to keep secure without sacrificing efficiency.

We’ll look at your data, your staff communications and your telephony requirements with a clear discussion of the benefits and risks. By understanding the threats and how to counter them sensibly, you will be able to gain the flexibility and advantages of cloud computing while protecting your assets.

What this is not about: 

  • A one-size-fits-all IT solution
  • Specific hardware requirements
  • Technical details of networking protocols

Understanding IT Security in the Modern World is available as a full-day workshop or a half-day seminar. Both versions of this cover: -

  1. Cloud Computing Advantages and dangers - Who are you securing against?
  2. Who Owns the Cloud? - Amazon, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft and more
  3. Shadow IT - The technology in your company that you don’t know about
  4. Break for refreshments and questions
  5. The Internet of Things - Devices in your office talking to the world
  6. Are Your Backups Exposed? - Backing up to the cloud can leave you at risk
  7. Security within Telephony - Legal call recordings and encrypted voice
  8. Questions and open discussion

About Quidnunc

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