Quidnunc is a people development firm that supports its clients to achieve their goals: increasing revenue, business growth and raising their professional and personal brand awareness. The Quidnunc team are assigned to projects where their expertise is required. They are all subject matter experts, classically trained in sales, high-performance coaching and communications. We understand that firms and organisations who choose to retain us already work to high standards.

Quidnunc Presents at The Royal Society of Medicine

In the first 15 minutes our Head of Insight & Analytics, Charles opens by defining happiness and goes on to look at how statistically most people are not happy at work, usually due to work leaders, and how this affects their general well-being and their work efficiency. In the next 15 minutes our Head of Programmes, Natalie discusses how CEOs, Partners and executives can impact higher well-being through behaviour change, leading to cost savings, a happier and more motivated workforce and increased productivity.

Why Quidnunc?

Quidnunc is made up of four pillars, which separately and together enable clients to do what they do even better - to join the dots.

By focusing on your organisation’s current and future leaders, their increased self-awareness impacts their relationships with themselves, their peers and teams, this cascades downwards throughout the organisation and naturally extends to clients, suppliers and stakeholders.

The goal is business growth, and savings in redundancy, rehire and downtime costs.

Quidnunc appreciates the ever increasing pace of change, disruption and competition across professional services and commercial sectors.

Even more demands are being placed on skilled professionals from networking, relationship building, fee earning, promoting themselves and their organisations as well as doing their day job.

Quidnunc was formed to address these demands head on.   

Our Values

Respectful – we acknowledge and listen to one another; we all have a voice

Relevant – what we do is relevant to today’s world   

Reliable – we do what we say, on time, our work and delivery is consistent 

Receptive – flexible, with a growth mindset. We are open-minded and welcome diversity of opinions and ideas, as well as being open and honest in giving and receiving feedback; we operate in a trusting environment

Integrity – high integrity in what we do and how we do it 

Excellence – focused on delivering the best development and experience for our clients

Collaboration – we work openly, with transparency and avoid silos, our mutual co-operation and support ensures we constantly challenge each other to raise our own bar and maintain a standard of excellence

Commitment – we are clear on what we can commit to and then deliver on that promise